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Welcome to the Mississippi State Medical Association Online Job Bank! If you are looking for a medical career opportunity in Mississippi, please spend a few moments to search our database by specialty. We currently have 45 jobs posted!

Posting a Job
If you have a job opening for a physician, physician assistant, nurse, medical office manager, or other position in the healthcare field and you would like to post it, please use this form. Postings by MSMA member physicians are free of charge. Postings by non-members, group practices, hospitals, or other entities are subject to charge based on number of postings and length of time posted. (Contact Kara Kimbrough at 601-853-6733, Extension 324 or Kkimbrough@MSMAonline.com for more information.)

PLEASE NOTE: When posting positions for a physician, please use the specialty categories (Family Practice, Urology, etc.). When posting other medical office positions, please use one of the following categories:

  • CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Lab: Lab Technician
  • LPN: Licensed Practice Nurse
  • Ms: Medical Student
  • NrPr: Nurse Practitioner
  • OFC: Office Manager
  • Other: Miscellaneous Office Position not already listed
  • RN: Registered Nurse

If you wish to post a listing in a category not listed, please contact Sheryl Ashley at 601-853-6733, Extension 305 or SAshley@MSMAonline.com.

After you have hired someone for a position, please e-mail Sheryl Ashley so we can remove it from our listing and prevent you from receiving calls and e-mails about the position. Thank you!

If you have any additional comments about the MSMA Online Job Bank, please share your thoughts with us using online "contact us" form.

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